Approved Driver Instructor Training in Dublin

Are you interested in becoming a Driving Instructor? Do you feel you have the skills necessary to teach someone how to drive in a safe and competent manner? To be a driving instructor you need several key skills: Knowledge, Patience, Communication Skills and Time Keeping. If you have these attributes and would like to become a Driving Instructor there are 3 ADI exams you need to pass before you can be a qualified Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).


How To Become A RSA Driving Instructor in Ireland?

To begin with, you need to get an Eligibility Number from the RSA. You can get this by emailing [email protected]. You will need to show that you are tax compliant, hold a full driving license for the category in which you wish to give instruction for a minimum of two years and complete the Garda Vetting process.

ADI Driver Training
Stage 1 – Theory Exam

You can apply for the theory exam on once you have received your Eligibility Number from the RSA. The Stage 1 Theory Test covers:

  • Road Safety precepts and practice
  • Rules of the Road
  • RSA ADI Scheme
  • Driving techniques and handling the vehicle and controls
  • Use of correct road procedure
  • Vulnerable road users
  • Pedagogical techniques and assessment of pupils
  • Dealing with pupils who have learning or language difficulties
  • Deal with pupils who have physical disabilities and familiarization with common vehicle adaptations
  • Interpersonal skills
  • The Essential Driver Training (EDT) Knowledge program
  • Correction of pupils driving faults
  • Knowledge of basic mechanics of vehicle and maintenance
  • Driving for life, beyond the practical driving test
  • Scene of accidents
  • Driver Testing Procedures and Documentation including the Driving Test Report form

Stage 2 – The Driving Test

Once you have passed the theory test you can apply for the ADI Driving Test. The driving test (part 2) and the instruction ability test (part 3) are only available at the following locations: Athlone, Cork, Dundalk, Dublin (Finglas), Galway, Kilkenny, Letterkenny, Limerick, Mullingar, Churchtown, Sligo, Tralee and Waterford.


Driving test lasts for around 90 minutes and you will pass if you have under 5 Faults and less than 3 in all categories. The test involves a turnabout, hill start, reverse around a left corner, reverse around a right corner, parallel parking, emergency stop, turnabout and motorway driving. You will also be asked to show the secondary controls and under bonnet checks as well as have a Fire extinguisher, Hi-Vis jacket, Warning triangle and First Aid Kit.

Stage 3 – The Teaching Test

This is generally regarded as the most difficult. It involves the ADI Tester adopting the role of a learner and giving 2 different Role Plays. You will need to display the Core Competencies:

  • Introduces & conducts the lesson in a courteous & friendly manner
  • States clearly Lesson subject and sub-skills
  • The lesson covered subject sub-skills
  • Level of Instruction suitable for each stage of learning
  • Range of techniques used as required
  • Faults demonstrated were identified
  • Serve safe analysis of faults at the appropriate level
  • Provides remedial instruction in a timely manner
  • Feedback relates to one piece of changeable behavior at a time
  • Balanced and appropriate feedback
  • Information is accurate & up to date
  • Necessary and relevant information provided
  • Controls lesson appropriately
  • Demonstrates a concern for safety & customer care
  • Lesson wrap up, eg. summary, assessment, next lesson
  • Information given was not misleading, incorrect or unsafe

Driving Instructor Training Program

Unlike most franchises, we do not believe that you should pay thousands of euro up front to learn to be a Driving Instructor. For example, you do not need to pay anybody to teach you how to pass the Part 1 exam. There is a reading list and we encourage everyone to read this thoroughly a number of times before sitting the test. This will not only make passing Part 1 easier but will provide the foundation of your knowledge when you begin giving driving tuition. For anybody studying for Part 1, we offer a free email support service and if you have any queries you are free to contact us.

For Part 2 and 3 we charge €50 per hour and recommend 2-hour lessons at least 1 week apart. At the end of each session, we will give homework and study lists and it is up to the pupil to do work outside of lessons. An intensive course does not give time to read support material or prepare lesson plans so we do not recommend intensive courses. There are also lots of Youtube videos for the Stage 3 exam (most of them for the UK but the procedures are the same). Anyone who reads all the driving theory watches lots of ADI Training videos and prepares their own lesson plans will find little difficulty in passing Stage 3.

It normally takes 2-4 hours of driving to prepare for stage 2 and 10-20 hours to prepare for stage 3. This is entirely dependent on how much preparation the pupil can do before each lesson. A trainee ADI who does no additional work in between lessons will need double or treble the lessons as someone who does all the required homework, doubling the cost of their training. So are you ready to take the approved driver instructor training?

ADI Exam Fees

Stage 1 – €150

Stage 2 – €200

Stage 3 – €200

ADI Registration – €250

We are always looking to recruit new ADI’s and any trainee who shows good timekeeping, willingness to learn, communication skills and is polite and well presented we will be very interested in offering a Driving Instructor role to once Stage 3 has been completed.

If you have any queries on becoming a driving instructor please call us on

01 455 9231 or email [email protected]