When will Driving Lessons Resume?

We have finally had confirmation from the HSE that driving lessons can resume on Monday June 29. Driving tests will resume on this date for bike and truck but the category B (car) tests will be July 20th at the earliest. Once we have notification we will update on our Facebook page and our website.

New Covid 19 Procedures for Driving lessons

When driving lessons resume they will be done so under strict procedures to ensure the safety of both Driving Instructor and pupil as well as the wider public. We can however state that we will not be installing any partition between the driver and passenger seats as it stops the ADI reaching the steering wheel and we view this as extremely dangerous. The advice we have received from both the RSA and the insurance company have backed up our view.

We understand that a car interior is a difficult environment within which to prevent the spread of the virus. We have implemented policies and procedures in consultation with public health and following risk assessments based on all HSE and HPSC guidelines.

The following procedures are in place to safeguard our customers and driving instructors.

1 Day Prior to the Lesson

The day prior to your lesson you will receive a Text or email asking you to review the information below and complete the questionnaire. This form must be completed before the lesson or we cannot commit to completing the lesson. This does not impinge on your GDPR rights, it is simply to enable us to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep our customers and ourselves safe during this pandemic.  All information obtained from this questionnaire will be dealt with in a confidential manner and disposed of in the appropriate manner in accordance with GDPR guidelines.

The Driving Lesson

Immediately prior to each lesson a detailed clean and sanitise will be carried out within the car by the instructor. All cleaning procedures will be carried out in accordance with HSE guidelines.  On leaving your house or place of work we ask you to carry out hand washing in accordance with the HSE guidelines. We will meet you outside of the car, forgoing any handshakes and prior to entering the car you will be asked to hand sanitise.

We ask you to come wearing a face mask.  Our instructors will be wearing masks at all times during the lesson. All car windows will be left partially open during lessons to enable adequate airflow and reduce the risk of infection during this timeframe.

This information is available in various languages here.

Please be advised that this policy and all the procedures implemented by our driving school are done to protect you and us during this Covid-19 pandemic. Pinnacle Driving school reserve the right to refuse or stop a lesson at any stage should they feel their health is at risk. 

We also request, where possible, for pupils to pay for their driving lessons using Revolut. If you do not have a Revolut card you can sign up HERE. The card is free and does not incur any banking charges.

Online Questionaire

This must be completed prior to each driving lesson. Failure to do so will result in the driving lesson being cancelled.