In 2011 Essential Driver Training (EDT) was brought in for any learner who received their first Learner permit on or after April 4th 2011. Anybody who had a permit issued before this date is exempt. At Pinnacle Driving School we will issue you with an EDT log book free of charge which we will stamp after the completion of each module.

The EDT course applies to anybody who is issued their 1st permit after April 4th 2011. Once each module is completed the ADI will stamp the logbook, give some feedback and some suggestions on areas to work on before the next lesson. There is also a section for the pupil to analyse their progress so far as well as a section for sponsors to fill out. Before each EDT lesson the ADI will check the logbook and answer and queries contained in it. Each EDT Driving Lesson will also be uploaded onto the RSA System so that once all lessons are completed you will be eligible for a driving test date.

Reduced EDT Driving lessons

Lessons 1-9 need to be done in sequence and lessons 10, 11 and 12 can be done in any order once lesson 9 has been completed. You cannot sit the driving test until you have had your leaner permit for 6 months so there is no need to try and rush getting them completed quickly. After each stage you will hopefully have achieved specified targets and will receive feedback from the ADI verbally as well as notes written in your logbook. After the lesson is finished you should review the EDT Driving Lesson and analyse the skills you used.

The EDT Log book is your own property and will not be read by the Driving Tester on the day of the test. When the EDT system was first introduced, driving test candidates had to bring along their EDT Logbook on the day of the test and testers would view it to ensure all 12 EDT Driving lessons were completed. Unfortunately some candidates felt that the testers were reading their notes and it gave them a preconceived idea of their faults before the driving test had even begun. A new system was introduced where the ADI now signs off the EDT Driving Lessons on the RSA system and the RSA wont issue a driving test until all 12 are complete. The driving testers know anyone presenting for a test must have already completed the 12 EDT lessons so there is no need to view the logbook.

Reduced EDT Driving Lessons

If you have a driving licence from another jurisdiction you are eligible for the Reduced EDT Driving Lessons scheme. This means you need to take 6 EDT Driving lessons instead of 12. To qualify you need to obtain a letter of entitlement from the issuing authority of your current licence. Once you send this to the RSA they will send you a letter saying you are entitled to the Reduced EDT Driving Lessons. It also means you do not need to wait 6 months to sit your driving test and can get a date as soon as the 6 EDT Driving lessons are complete. 

If you sit the driving test within 6 months of receiving your Irish Learners you will need to bring along the letter you received from the RSA. Failure to bring along this letter may result in the driving test not going ahead.