Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre

Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes

There are 2 Driving Test Centres in Mulhuddart. The busiest one is beside the M3 Services in a portakabin of the M3 Van Centre. The other is at the Carton Hotel in Mulhuddart about 1.5km away. Make sure to check which Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre it is before turning up for the driving test as test candidates regularly turn up at the wrong driving test centre and forfeit their driving test.

Both of the Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes are pretty similar. You will likely be brought onto the N3 as well as through Mulhuddart Village, the indistrial estate as well as up past the Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. Before sitting the test it is very important to practice merging on and off the N3 as it is a 100KM speed limit and can be quite busy at certain parts of the day.

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As you enter the Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre Carlton Hotel (see photo above) you should stop once you meet the hedge, observing both ways before turning to the right. Go slow in this area as it is very busy with lots of hotel guests walking to and from their cars. Before the test reverses into a car park space to make it easier once you start the driving test and where possible leave the first 5 spaces free for those coming back in from their test as they are the easiest to drive straight into. At the end of your test drive straight into space (you do not need to reverse). If the car isn’t parked correctly simply reverse back and correct it but make sure to do adequate observation.

Tallaght Driving Test Centre

The prominent features of the Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes would be speed bumps, shopping centres, hatch/road markings and roundabouts. Speed Bumps are classified as hazards and you need to check the mirrors and slow down before each one before building up speed again.

Generally speaking try to go over the “cushion” bumps in 2nd at 20/25kmph and the larger ones which cover the full width of the road in 3rd gear . Aim to slow down gently coming up to it, releasing the brake a few meters before hitting it and then begin to accelerate again once the impact has been made to maintain the speed.

If the speed bumps are far enough apart you can build up into a higher gear before dropping back down to 2nd or 3rd where necessary. Hitting speed bumps too fast is classified as a Grade 2 fault for Hazards and is one of the most common faults on the Mulhuddart Test Route.

The Blanchardstown Shopping Centre area can be very busy and there is a very busy roundabout beside it that testers often use. To navigate it safely you will need to both be able to anticipate a safe gap developing and have the ability to move quickly and take advantage of it. Faults for lack of progress or proceeding dangerously can easily be given.

The other unique feature of the Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes is the N3 Dual carriageway. Most test routes include the N3 and it is certainly something to practice as merging on with traffic travelling at 100kmph can be both daunting and dangerous and should be practiced well in advance of the driving test


Tallaght Driving Test Centre

Pretest Driving Lessons at Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre

Pinnacle Driving School have covered Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre since it opened with our PreTest driving lessons in particular demand. Our Pretest Driving Lessons are €100 for 2 hours. If you have a Driving Test Date it is advisable to book a Pretest lesson early so as to give more time to correct any faults. Most people will need at least 4 hours. Lesson 1 will be spent fixing any faults and telling you everything you need to know to pass the test as well as practicing the reverse around the corner, hill start and turnabout. Lesson 2 will be a mock test where the instructor plays the part of the tester and conducts a full test from start to finish. It will be like an actual test where the Instructor will not chat or give feedback during the test but will mark and make a note of everything and give feedback once finished. The aim is to give you an idea if you would pass or fail, highlight any areas you need to work on, warn you of the severity of different faults that you may not have deemed important as well as giving some experience of driving under Driving Test conditions.

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The Test Routes App has all 6 Driving Test Routes for the Mulhuddart Driving Test Centre. Download the App for free from iOS or Google Playstore.

The App guides you around the various Mulhuddart Driving Test Routes by use of GPS and shows where to practice the Reverse around the corner, hillstart and Turnabout. It is an invaluable resource for driving test candidates who wish to practice or sit the driving test in their own car.