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Driving School Maynooth

Pinnacle Driving School offer the best value driving lessons Maynooth with Reduced EDT, Refresher and Beginner EDT driving lessons.

Driving Lessons Maynooth

Pinnacle Driving School are one of the leading Driving Schools serving Maynooth and surrounding areas of Leixlip, Adamstown, Lucan, Palmerstown, Clondalkin and Tallaght. We provide a range of Driving lessons in Maynooth Including

Pre test driving lessons and driving test car hire

Pinnacle Driving School specialise in the following driving lessons in Maynooth

Refresher Driving lessons in Maynooth
EDT Driving lessons in Maynooth
Reduced EDT Driving lessons in Maynooth
Driving Lesson Gift Vouchers in Maynooth
Driving test preparation
Pretest Driving Lessons in Naas and Mulhuddart

Why choose Pinnacle Driving School Maynooth

Pinnacle Driving School were established in 2006 and have helped thousands of pupils learn to drive and pass their driving test since then. With our wealth of experience we focus on teaching the right habits from the very start so that it is a skill that stays with you for life. Our view is that you will be driving for the next 50 years so we want to ensure you have the right skills and mentality to stay safe on the roads over that timeframe.

Due to our success there is a large demand for our Pretest Driving lessons. Naas or Mulhuddart are the nearest Driving Test centres so we bring most of our pupils there. 

Have you passed the driving test but require
a refresher driving lesson?

Many people pass the driving test and then don’t drive again for a number of years until they buy their own car or start a new job. Naturally they feel anxious before getting behind the wheel again. Our Refresher Driving Lessons Maynooth are designed to bring you back up to speed and help boost your confidence before you go driving on your own. The Refresher Driving lessons are tailored to your own needs and abilities. It may involve driving on dual carriageways and motorways, driving through built up areas of Kildare and Dublin, driving to places like work and back, parking or even just general driving to gain some practice.

What to look for in a Driving School in Maynooth

Choosing a Driving School in Maynooth can be tricky with so many options available. The best
thing a potential learner can do is to research each driving school and choose the one they think
suits them best. At Pinnacle Driving School we have excellent 5 Star Reviews on both
Facebook and Google. This will help give you confidence that the service we provide is among
the best in all Kildare and Dublin.

EDT Driving lessons in Maynooth

Since 2011 anyone learning to drive must complete a mandatory course of 12 EDT Driving lessons. They also must wait a minimum of 6 months from the date the learner permit was issued before being allowed to sit the driving test. We offer packages or 6 and 12 lessons as well as allowing pupils to pay per lesson so have something available for every budget.

Reduced EDT Driving lessons in Maynooth

Do you have a driving licence in a different jurisdiction but still need to sit the Irish Driving test? If so you qualify for the reduced EDT Driving Lessons of 6 EDT Driving lessons instead of 12. For more information please check out our ​EDT Driving Lessons Page

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